Vegan Almond Chia Rhubarb Bars

It's the season of rhubarb and I have fully taken advantage of all the recipes that require it. From pancakes to full cakes, rhubarb is versatile because of its tart sweetness. Plus, in my opinion, rhubarb represents the taste of summer. Don't believe me? Well I guess you'll just have to whip up a batch … Continue reading Vegan Almond Chia Rhubarb Bars

Cheat the Heat

As summer weather approaches (hallelujah!), going on runs in the afternoon may feel a little sluggish and hard. But there are several ways to run in the heat without tiring out or suffering. In fact, running in the heat might help your training significantly due to heat acclimation which results in better cardiovascular endurance and … Continue reading Cheat the Heat