Falling Back in Love With Running & More Updates

Wow I miss writing on this blog. This past year, more like years, have been so busy. In college I get so caught up in studying, work, and attempting to have a social life that it gets hard to focus on the things I love. Quarantine made me stop and focus on what actually matters … Continue reading Falling Back in Love With Running & More Updates

Race Day Nutrition

“What should I eat before I run?” This is the number one question asked by runners but no one seems to know the answer. Everyone is different when it comes to what fuels you to run but there are some basic guidelines to follow. I encourage you to try out different foods on workout days … Continue reading Race Day Nutrition

Cheat the Heat

As summer weather approaches (hallelujah!), going on runs in the afternoon may feel a little sluggish and hard. But there are several ways to run in the heat without tiring out or suffering. In fact, running in the heat might help your training significantly due to heat acclimation which results in better cardiovascular endurance and … Continue reading Cheat the Heat