How to eat healthy in Port Townsend, WA

New year, new segment! This segment in the “travel” section of Tacos and Tempos will focus on how to eat healthy in different cities around the country and/or the world. It will cover local eateries, grocery stores, or even ways to stay active in that city. The first city I will feature is Port Townsend, a little beach town in Washington. Continue reading

Staying in Shape During Vacation 

School breaks are coming up, which means many people will be leaving for a nice, relaxing vacation full of sun and amazing food. Or at least, that’s what would be ideal. Realistically though, for us runners the excitement for vacation is deflated when we realize: how can I stay in shape!? Training can’t come to a halt for vacation (I wish!). Unfortunately, traveling is tiring and running everyday just isn’t always possible. Your hotel might not have a treadmill, you may not have time to workout, or you may not be comfortable going for a run in a new, unknown area. Luckily, here are some tips to stay in shape while on vacation. Continue reading