Seattle for the Plant-based foodie

Calling all vegan and vegetarians! This post is for you. Seattle is such an amazing city for foodies like me because of our diverse restaurant scene. I personally think we have one of the best dining scenes in the U.S. (hey I said ONE of the best). I know that it is often hard to … Continue reading Seattle for the Plant-based foodie


Race Day Nutrition

“What should I eat before I run?” This is the number one question asked by runners but no one seems to know the answer. Everyone is different when it comes to what fuels you to run but there are some basic guidelines to follow. I encourage you to try out different foods on workout days … Continue reading Race Day Nutrition

Eat to run

Food in my opinion is one of the most important parts of maintaining performance and making sure your body stays properly fueled. I'm not talking about counting calories and a restrictive diet, I believe in eating nourishing, wholesome foods to help your body build muscle and recover properly. I used to not eat so great … Continue reading Eat to run