How to eat healthy in Port Townsend, WA

New year, new segment! This segment in the “travel” section of Tacos and Tempos will focus on how to eat healthy in different cities around the country and/or the world. It will cover local eateries, grocery stores, or even ways to stay active in that city. The first city I will feature is Port Townsend, a little beach town in Washington. Continue reading

Meatless in Seattle

As I started to eat more nutritious food and changed my diet to eat more “clean”, I realized that I have unconsciously eliminated meat and other animal products out of my diet and become more plant-based.  Before I made the switch, I didn’t eat a lot of meat in general.  As I’ve made the transition, I’ve been discovering alternative meat sources and other plant sources of protein that are quite delicious.  However, I wouldn’t say I am 100% plant-based.   I still rely on yogurt and eggs as a good portion of my protein.  This isn’t an argumentative essay to convince you to become a vegetarian nor am I shunning other diets. You can certainly have a healthy lifestyle with meat protein. The reason I am writing this is to help others who are interested in becoming more plant-based and help them learn from my mistakes and the advice of a registered sports dietitian. Continue reading

Why I Started Running

Running is such a big part of my life that I often forget how long it has taken me to get this far. I have been running since I was 8 years old with numerous injuries, silly fun runs, and silent long runs. This cross country season didn’t go as planned because I got caught up in it all: food, over-training, college applications, etc. But now when I look forward I am going to treat my body right and train for Track in the best way possible because at the end of the day; I love to run. Continue reading

Stuck in a Rut?

It’s frustrating when you hit a rough point in your running. Whether that is an absence of PRs in your past couple of races or your legs don’t feel like they did a few months back. The bottom line is we all hit ruts as runners but it’s how we deal with them that builds character and teaches us how to prevent them (or deal with them) in the future.

When it comes to approaching rough times in your running, remember the  four R’s: Continue reading

Sock It To Me

Last week was a hectic week. Senior photos, a high-mileage training week, going to my cousin’s wedding, and all the craziness that goes along with the last week of summer. In summary, I knew my feet were going to go through a lot especially with blisters from heels, so I figured it was a good week to road-test the new running socks I just picked up from REI.

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