Best Gifts For Runners

This holiday season, don’t run out of ideas for the athletes on your list. We compiled a list of perfect gifts for a wide variety of runners, from the Foodie Fastie to the the Stylish Strider. Maybe you’ll even find a gift for yourself?


Fast Foodie – This is the runner who always has the best recipes and brings the best food to eat post-run. They are always cooking something delicious and healthy … and then giving you the recipe.


Best Running Cookbooks:

  • Run Fast, Eat Slow: This cookbook is amazing. Every recipe that I have tried is delicious and is perfect for the runner who loves to cook. Don’t be startled when you get a fig quiche on your doorstep after gifting this cookbook. Plus, one of the authors Shalane Flanagan just won the New York City Marathon, so if you eat like her you’ll be as fast as her. Logical right? Buy it here
  • Racing Weight: Lean, Light Recipes for Athletes: What I like about this cookbook is it divides the book into sections based on cooking ability. As you progress with your cooking skills you get harder recipes. These recipes are super simple to make and the Vanilla Chai granola bars influenced this blog post. Buy it here
  • The No Meat Athlete cookbook: I actually don’t own this cookbook, I’ve only obsessed over it in the aisles of Barnes n’ Noble. It contains so many plant-based recipes that are hearty enough for hungry runners. Buy it for the vegetarian in your life.

Best Cooking/Dining tools:

  • Personalized Spoon: If you’re Fast Foodie takes pictures of everything they eat, they’ll be glad to add this spoon to their pictures. Hand-stamped with anything from “Food is fuel” to “Running on PB.” Buy it here
  • Bib coasters: This Etsy shop turns your friend’s favorite race bib into coasters for those fabulous smoothies they are always making. Buy it here


  • BRUNCH shirt: Actually anything from Sarah Marie Design Studio any runner will love, but this brunch shirt with “run” in bold is both stylish and representative of my life mantra: “Run then brunch”. Pair with a gift card to their favorite restaurant and you’re set. Buy it here
  • A gift card to Whole Foods or Trader Joes is always appreciated to any Foodie Runner. If you don’t think that is personal enough, sign them up for a subscription to UrthBox for one month. Urthbox sends them a package of personalized healthy snacks according to their dietary needs.


The Runnerd- This is the runner who analyzes their heart rate on every run and keeps a diligent log of their miles. They love numbers and anything concerning the logistics of running.

  • Hydration Tracking Water Bottle: Hydration is key. This 80 oz water bottle tracks how many bottles you consume in a day, making it easier to avoid dehydration (a runner’s nightmare). This will take one thing off the mind of a busy runner. Find it here.
  • Believe/Compete Training Journal: I love this training journal. Written by Lauren Fleshman, the running guru, it contains pages of self-reflection and places to log mileage. Perfect for someone who likes to track their training and learn from their rough areas. Buy it here
  • Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor: Strap this on during runs and instantly get feedback through the connected app. The app tells you how hard you’re working, target heart rate, and can even plan workouts for you around your past heart rate data. In summary, science the hell out of your runs. Buy it here
  • Runner’s World Subscription: The gift that keeps on giving. These magazines are the holy books of running. They include everything from strength training tips to nutrition. Give them a personal coach every month. Register here
  • Scientific running tank: This tank spells out “I run periodically” with the elements of the periodic table. Very stylish and a must have in any runnerd’s element. Buy it here


The Stylish Strider- This is the runner who always has the cutest running outfit and easily transitions from run to brunch in almost no time.

  • Gift Cards: Okay, this is kind of a given, but gift cards are always welcome. A runners wardrobe is never complete! If you procrastinated on gift buying, pick up a card to your local running store or an athletic brand like Nike; your Stylish Strider will seriously love you forever.
  • Motivational Tattoos: No matter what age, everyone can use a good temporary tattoo. They not only look super cool but can also motivate your runner through the last few miles of a half marathon- thanks to you because you’re the one who gifted them. Plus, tattoos are super cheap! Throw them in with any gift. Check them out here.



  • This pouch to carry anything from makeup to prerace essentials is uber cute with little pictures of running bibs, shoes, and tiny peanut butter. Plus it’s Oiselle, one of the greatest running stores of all time (by women athletes for women athletes) and honestly you can find anything here for a runner on your list. Buy the bag here
  • Dot Be Free tight: These cute tights are great for running at night with a reflective polka dot print. They are from Athleta, so they are great quality and covered with sneaky pockets. Buy it here
  • Fly-by Hoodie: This ultra comfy jacket is for pre-run warm-ups or post-run warmth. All of the Brooks pros wear this jacket. Trust me, I met them (read about it). I was so jealous of this coat when I went to the Kickin’ it with Katie camp.
  • Snack Pack: The name says it all. This Patagonia gift set comes with a super cool, quality backpack and a whole bunch of healthy snacks like jerky and almond bars. Buy it here
  • Run it Out Ear Warmer: Lululemon is always sure to please. Give the gift of warm ears with this stylish and functional ear warmer. I always love a good warmer that has a  ponytail hole and this one is decorated with reflective seams and comes in three different colors. Order it here

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