Five healthy dinners to try this week

I have always believed in the power of food. When I start slipping with my vegetables or haven’t been eating nutritionally-well my running seems to slip as well. I am not saying that I don’t eat ice cream every once and a while, but whole, nutritious food always seems to power the body the best. Here are five wholesome dinners to try this week.

Pesto Pizza: Find the recipe here

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Substituting pesto for tomato sauce was one of the best decisions ever, why isn’t this repeated more?! Usually I am not a fan of cherry tomatoes (it’s a weird thing okay?!) but by splitting them and putting them on the pizza, they turned into roasted, delicious tomatoes. This pizza is a good meal for after a workout when you really just need some recovery-worthy pizza.

Mint Greek Salad: Find the recipe here

2017-05-09 08.58.03 1.jpg

This salad is soooo good, plus it is even better the next day for lunch. I totally recommend roasting the tomatoes and adding the mint. Pair with toasted pita to add carbs, and for extra protein add garbanzo beans instead of chickpeas.






Quinoa Chicken Parmesean: Find the recipe here

2017-05-13 07.30.18 1.jpg

Just when you thought quinoa couldn’t get any better, it goes and does it again. Bread- crumb substitution. I know. Mind blown. Plus even with my limited cooking skills I was able to make this and my family who usually dislikes quinoa, thought that it was delicious and made with actual breadcrumbs!

Vegetable Ramen: Find the recipe here

2017-05-12 08.13.13 1.jpg

Don’t get those packaged ramen bowls that are filled with sodium, make it yourself! I guarantee that it is both healthier and tastier. I especially though that the Brussels sprouts paired well and added an extra punch to the broth.

Avocado Grilled Cheese: Find the recipe here

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If you think peanut butter and jelly is an iconic pairing, meet avocado and grilled cheese; a literal match made in heaven. This recipe makes about four sandwiches so share this amazing dish with your friends as well. They will thank you. Also, at first I thought the food processor would be to time-consuming but it ended up only taking me five minutes.

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