Brand Spotlight: Picky Bars

Picky Bars are for picky people. Based in Bend, OR, this all-natural vegan gluten free protein and recovery bar brand (wow that’s a huge label) was started by three pro-athletes for other athletes at any level. Jesse Thomas, Lauren Fleshman, and Stephanie Bruce were on a mission to create a “real food” sport balanced bar and developed these 200 calorie bars with a 4:1 carb to protein ratio to maximize absorption of nutrients. Not only this, but the bars actually taste good so I mean, that’s a huge bonus as well!

So what’s especially awesome about Picky Bars? They have super cute packaging with pictures of real people doing stuff on them!

They also come in 9 flavors with amazing punny names like: Chai and Catch Me and Moroccan Your World. My personal favorite is Cookie Doughness since it tastes literally exactly like cookie dough and it’s actually good for you. Yes, this means you need to go and try it right now. I’ll wait.

The only downside to all these different flavors is since all the bars have to same seed and fig base, they all taste remotely the same. For example, All-in Almond and Lauren’s Mega Nuts both taste very similar since they are both but flavored. However, they still taste good anyway if you enjoy the base flavor.

I also really enjoy the versatility of Picky Bars. They are the perfect size and 200 calories so they are perfect for recovery after a workout and snack before hand, or you can eat half during a workout and it won’t weigh you down, which is not like most other bars. Seriously, I’ve never gotten stomach cramps mid run with these! It’s a miracle! My entire family eats these and they are great for not only athletes but also as a random snack for work or just to slip into a school lunch.

My onlymajor issue with these is Picky Bars are on the expensive side. Bars sell for $3.00 each as a standard at retail, or a box of 10 for around $27.50. It’s not like these are big bars or anything, but it makes sense when you realize that they are fair trade, all natural, and gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO free. So if that matters to you, then the price is worth it. So even though I love Picky Bars and they taste delicious, the price is a drawback keeping them from being an everyday staple in my diet.

But aside from the bars, Picky Bar is also a brand. They sponsor athletes and have a Picky Club where you get sent your choice of bars monthly plus you get a tee shirt and discounts which is pretty cool. All you have to do is sign up online and pay the undisclosed membership fee.

Overall, Picky Bar is a unique brand with great tasting and effective bars but at a high price (there are more expensive bars out there though, if it makes you feel better). I’d highly recommend you try them at some point.

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