Missing an Important Race

Us runners spend weeks upon months training not only for the thrill of it, but also in hopes a gaining a new PR(!!!). But sometimes things don’t go as planned and, inevitably, we all eventually have to miss a race whether due to injury, illness, or prior commitment *gasp*.

Missing a race sucks. Whether it be a marathon or track meet it feels like the end of the world for those of us who literally fantasize about racing (yes, I’m guilty of this). There are only so many races we get to run and missing just one is literally more painful (emotionally) than running the last lap of the 3200m.This is a totally dramatic reaction of course, and if you react like this it means yes, you are dedicated, but realize that maybe you’re a little too dedicated.

It’s hard seeing other people having an amazing time and PRing when you can’t do anything, no matter how happy you are for them. It’s hard not being able to reap achievements after putting so much time and effort into training. It’s hard hearing others complain about racing when you don’t even have the chance to try.

Despite this, you can’t let missing out on a race dictate your mood and day because it will just make you miserable. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t worry about FOMO and make the day you do have a great one anyway. Realize that other people have worse problems than you, heck some people can’t even run so be grateful that you can at all.

Bottom line, missing a race (or even races, sigh (I’m experienced)) isn’t the end of the world. Believe it or not there are other things in the world besides running. Feeling sorry for yourself isn’t  going to change the fact that you still can’t race. Also there will be other races to run.

If you are having trouble coming to terms with having to miss a race, it’s okay to mope around a little bit, but realize that it will make you twice as driven for your next race. Remind yourself of your frustration when you can race again and channel that as motivation.

And just chill, even if you’re missing the race you were looking forward to all year, just know that you weren’t meant to race that day. Who knows, maybe if you did end up racing, something terrible might have happened like a bad fall or twisted ankle and you might be set back even more… or forever \_(•_•)_/. (Ok that was a bit dark but it could be true).

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