Lover of Cereal tries Kashi

I don’t think I have mentioned this before but I LOVE cereal! Some people like pizza others like burgers but my favorite food is cereal. Not only can you basically eat it for every meal but if you buy the right ones, cereal can provide athletes with nourishing whole grains and protein. I like eating cereal in the morning (obviously) and as a snack before my runs because I feel that it gives me enough carbs to run on without feeling stuffed.


Running shoes used to show scale

Today I tried the Kashi Go lean Crunch cereal. A lot of runners swear by this cereal and it is known as one of the most healthy and tasty cereals according to many athletes. So when I saw the giant XL box at my local Costco, I thought, why not give it a try?

The flavor was similar to a mix between granola and a rice cake. I liked that there were giant chunks of cereal mixed in with a the hint of cinnamon. I love the taste of almond milk with cereal and this really gave the cereal an added flavor.20170125_151827.jpg

Side praise for Almond milk: I started trying almond milk a few months back and boy is it amazing. I don’t drink it straight up but I love it in cereal and any other dish that normally requires regular milk. I like that almond milk doesn’t bother my stomach as much and the fact that it contains often more calcium than regular milk. The brand that I use is Vanilla Almond milk from Califia Farms . Highly recommend trying it! (plus it comes in a really cool bottle)

What I liked before even trying this cereal is the amount of protein and the fact that they use seven (7!) different whole grains unlike many cereals that are heavily corn or puffed rice based. The consistency is similar to granola so I think I might also top this on yogurt and perhaps an acai bowl?

Overall this is now an addition to my cereal list and its taste and nutritional benefits give it a gold star in my book. If you are looking for a cereal that will leave you full or just want a healthier cereal in the morning, try picking up Kashi cereal at your local grocer.

20170125_151718 (1).jpg



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